Hightec Systems is a premier source in selling and buying used parts of semiconductor manufacturing equipment/
liquid crystal manufacturing equipment/used equipment as well as selling ALD equipment.

Hightec Systems is a leading company specializing in semiconductor/FPD manufacturing equipment.

With a wide range of inventory from new and advanced to antique equipment, we provide support to your semiconductor manufacturing.


Our Services

Buying and selling of used semiconductor/FPD manufacturing equipment.

We offer support of the highest standard in matching customers with the products they wish to sell and buy

Relocating of semiconductor/FPD production lines and refurbishment services.

We offer a one-stop service and will support the process from relocation of production lines to incorporation of existing lines through reconstructive procedures and equipment life extension through refurbishing. 

Sale of new overseas MEMS production equipment / Research and Development equipment and support

We offer various support to cater to our customers' needs, from importing equipment, conducting performance assessment with demo machines, providing customer support after equipment set up to modifying for productivity enhancement. 


Buying and selling of used parts and auxiliary equipment

With an inventory of over 100,000 pieces of mechatronics parts, we provide an effective and convenient service to our customers by selling discontinued parts  and buying their  unused equipment. 


List of our business partners 


Company Information

Leveraging our technical expertise of the highest standard, Hightec Systems provides guidance for our customers' effective implementation of used equipment. Our aim is to provide new solutions for a revolutionary age in the semiconductor and FPD industry. 

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