Engineering technologies that match our customers' needs with advanced systems from other countries

A key priority at Hightec Systems is the development of engineers capable of providing our customers in Japan with thin film-related devices that are highly esteemed in the U.S. and Europe. Along with importing and selling these devices, we evaluate performance using demo models, launch products, and provide after-sales support. We even perform modifications to improve productivity. All of this falls under the domain of Hightec Systems' Advanced Systems Business.

Advanced Systems Business

Global standards in nanotechnology and three-dimensional processing applications Hightec Systems sells devices using state-of-the-art technologies from Veeco/CNT, scia Systems, and ANNEALSYS.



  Thin film formation Annealing Trimming Product Name Model
Mass production/R&D     Savannah G2 Thermal ALD
R&D     Fiji G2 Plasma/thermal ALD
Mass production     Phoenix G2 Batch ALD

Veeco/CNT, the ALD (atomic layer deposition) business arm for U.S.-based Veeco, develops advanced ALD technologies and manufactures ALD devices for product development and mass production prototyping. No other company's solutions enjoy such widespread use by research institutes, universities, and business enterprises around the world. Responding to the needs of the market, the company has also sold mass production ALD devices and large substrate ALD devices.

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scia Systems (Germany)

scia Systems (Germany)

  Thin film formation Annealing Trimming Product Name Model
Mass production     scia Trim 200 Ion beam trimming
Mass production     scia Mill 150 Ion beam etching/milling
Mass production     scia Magna 200 Double ring magnetron
DC pulse sputtering
Mass production     scia Coat 200 Dual ion beam sputtering

Germany-based scia Systems GmbH provides cutting-edge ion beam and plasma processing devices for R&D and manufacturing systems used in microelectronics, MEMS, and optical applications, as well as sophisticated technical support and manufacturing equipment of exceptional reliability. Its processing systems support platforms tailored to standard substrate sizes and feature flexible, modular designs. This lets the company satisfy customer needs with clustering and in-line solutions through a range of processing chambers.

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  Thin film formation Annealing Product Name Model
R&D   AS-Micro Rapid thermal processing (RTP)
R&D/small lot   AS-One Rapid thermal processing (RTP)
Mass production   AS-Premium Rapid thermal processing (RTP)
Mass production   AS-Master Rapid thermal processing (RTP)
Mass production   Zenith 100 Rapid thermal processing (RTP)
Mass production   MC-100 DLI-CVD and DLI-ALD
Mass production   MC-200 DLI-CVD and DLI-ALD

ANNEALSYS stands out for its RTA, RTP, liquid raw material CVD, and other thermal processing systems. Boasts superior heating uniformity coupled with fast, accurate temperature control for thermal processing up to 200mm in size. Is perfectly suited to GaN, GaAs, and other compound semiconductor thermal processing, and is widely used throughout the world. In addition to the models shown here, we also offer a diverse lineup of solutions that include SiC thermal processing systems and ALD devices.

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Business flow

  • Specification planning
  • Sample demonstrations
  • Ordering and fabrication
  • Pre-shipping observation
  • Shipping/importing
  • Receiving/launching
  • Condition setting
  • Training
  • Receiving inspection

Hightec Systems


  • Robust deposition services
  • Robust support systems
  • Highly-experienced Japanese engineers


After-sales support

Spare part provision and spec customization
Support provided by engineering team in Japan

  • Support through collaboration with manufacturers in each country
  • Launch support
  • Online support (remote access)
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