Hightec Systems is a premier source in selling and buying used parts of semiconductor manufacturing equipment/
liquid crystal manufacturing equipment/used equipment as well as selling ALD equipment.

Relocating of semiconductor/FPD production lines and refurbishment services

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With accumulated experience, cost optimization and mitigation of technology risk are achivable. 

Since the foundation of the company, we have been strengthening our engineering capabilities to enable our customers to move in and install the used equipment safely.
We offer one-stop technological expertise from the relocation of production lines to the customization of existing lines and the extension of their useful life through refurbishment. This is the Engineering Business of Hightec Systems.

Relocation Engineering

From dismantling to reassembly, we offer seamless services of plant relocation engineering.

With the acquisition of semiconductor and FPD equipment, we provide various relocation services from single equipment for each process to a complete set of equipment. We can take care of the relocation of FPD equipment from the early generation to the recent generation's manufacturing equipment. Our know-how is the accumulation of the various relocation works we have accomplished.
Hightec Systems drafts relocation plans tailored to each customer. If requested, we can also relocate from Japan to overseas locations, and vice-versa. In addition, we provide after-sales service for relocation so no matter how large the scale is, you can let us take care of your relocation request with confidence.

Relocation Engineering-What We Can Do


Reconstruction of production lines

Flexible support for equipment replacements and specification changes

We provide various engineering techniques to meet customers needs such as reconstruction for equipment in production line, substrate size modification for equipment unit and to change the specification of inline equipment to offline. Requirements and specifications change with the times just as mobile phones evolved from flip phones to smartphones, sizes and shapes will also change accordingly. We are able to provide support promptly by incorporating old equipment into different lines or building new lines by combining separate equipment units.

Reconstruction Engineering-What We Can Do

Reconstruction Achievements(Capturing part of our actual achievements)

Division Equipment Name Manufacturer Reconstruction Detail
LCD Production Equipment Lithography Systems(FX-803M) N Company Size Modification(G4.5→G4)
LCD Production Equipment Lithography Systems(FX-601F) N Company Size Modification(G3.5→G2.5)
LCD Production Equipment Etch/Ash System(HT-910) T Company Size Modification(G4.5→G4)
LCD Production Equipment Cleaning System  Several Different Companies Size Modification(G3.5→Inch Size)
LCD Production Equipment PECVD A Company Various Reconstruction
Semiconductor Production Equipment HDPCVD A Company Plasma Source Retrofit
Semiconductor Production Equipment PECVD A Company Deposition Film Type Changing
Semiconductor Production Equipment i-Line Stepper N Company Wafer Size Changing, Flat Orientation/Notch Orientation
Semiconductor Production Equipment G-Line/i-Line Stepper N Company/C Company Chamber Refrigerant Change
Semiconductor Production Equipment Coater D Company Conveying System Change

Scene of Our Engineering Work

Refurbishment Engineering(Recondition)

Provide supports for various equipment types of different manufacturers

The original function of intensively operated equipment can be maintained through periodic overhaul and cleaning.
Normally, the overhaul or cleaning service requests must be mades seperately to the respective manufacturer. However, Hightec Systems handles requests of multiple units of equipment from various manufacturers. Moreover, our price may be lower than manufacturers.

Refurbishmen Engineering-What We Can Do

Removal Engineering

Broad support from large equipment to parts

When closing a plant, it is not surprising that it might cost billions yen on removal work only.
However, Hightec Systems carefully process each piece of equipment and parts with our unique know-how and therefore, the volume of waste that needs to be disposed can be reduced to less than 1% of the total.

Removal Engineering-What We Can Do

Used equipment purchasing

Used equipment purchasing

Removal engineering working scene