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About the Engineering Business

About the Engineering Business

Since the founding of the company, we have been strengthening our engineering capabilities to enable the safe introduction of used equipment by our customers.
We offer one-stop technological expertise from the relocation of production lines to the customization of existing lines and the extension of their useful life through refurbishment. This is the Engineering Business of Hightech Systems.

Business Areas

Line Relocation Engineering
  • Consolidation of domestic plants in Japan
  • Overseas relocation and relocation from Japan to overseas locations
  • Relocation within company plants
  • Line Relocation Engineering
  • Line Relocation Engineering
One-stop plant relocation service, from dismantling to reassembly

Hightech Systems drafts relocation plans tailored to each customer and can also relocate plants from domestic locations to overseas locations, and vice-versa, as desired.
We offer also a full array of follow-up services after relocation. Your relocation project, no matter how large, is safe with us.

Reconstruction Engineering
  • Recombination from one line to another
  • Breakup/sorting of lines into individual equipment units
  • Change of device specifications such as substrate size
  • Reconstruction Engineering
  • Reconstruction Engineering
Flexible support of device replacements and specification changes

Requirements and specifications change with the times. Just as mobile phones evolved from flip phones to smartphones, sizes and shapes will also change. We are able to respond quickly by incorporating old equipment into different lines or building new lines by combining separate equipment units.

Refurbish Engineering (Reconditioning Engineering)
  • Product removal and equipment life extension
  • Equipment overhaul
  • Equipment cleanup
  • Refurbish Engineering (Reconditioning Engineering)
  • Refurbish Engineering (Reconditioning Engineering)
Support of various manufacturers and equipment types

The original function of intensively operated equipment can be maintained through periodic overhaul and cleanup.
Normally, servicing requests must be made to the respective manufacturer, but at Hightech Systems, we accept requests for multiple pieces of equipment from various manufacturers, and our services are priced lower than manufacturers.

Removal Engineering
  • Used equipment purchase
  • Repair of inventory equipment
  • Industrial waste disposal
  • Removal Engineering
  • Removal Engineering
Removal Engineering
  • Purchase of used equipment
  • Repair and purchase of inventory equipment
  • Purchase of measuring devices and analyzers
  • Purchase of parts
  • Purchase of material resources
Broad support from large equipment to parts

When closing a plant, it is not unusual to billions of yen to be spent on removal work alone.
At Hightech Systems, we will carefully process each piece of equipment and each part using our proprietary know-how.
As a result, the volume of waste that needs to be disposed can be reduced to less than 1% of the total.

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