Hightec Systems is a premier source in selling and buying used parts of semiconductor manufacturing equipment/
liquid crystal manufacturing equipment/used equipment as well as selling ALD equipment.

Buying and Selling Used Equipment Parts and Auxiliary Equipment

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With an inventory of over 100,000 of mechatronic parts.

With Kyushu Parts Center in Izumi city of Kagoshima being the epicenter of our parts sales business, we have a formidable selection of about 100,000 equipment parts and other auxiliary equipment, which we are able to obtain through our main business of selling and buying LCD manufacturing equipment and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Our inventory also includes parts that normally require a longer delivery date as well as idle parts, and we satisfactorily fulfill our customers' more urgent needs. In this regard, we continuously receive a large volume of inquiries not just from the semiconductor/FPD industry, but also from the food, agriculture and forestry, steel business industry. 

We also buy mechatronic parts.

We actively sell and buy mechatronic parts regardless of the sector.
We will also gladly buy mechatronic parts that are not so versatile in nature.

Customer satisfaction is our greatest motivation

The words of appreciation and gratitude that we receive from our customers mean the world to all of us at the parts business of Hightec Systems. We are deeply motivated by the words of appreciation and gratitude that we receive from our customers. We will continue to do our very best to cultivate our knowledge and offer our customers with exceptional service to meet their needs at low cost and fast delivery. 

Mechatronic Parts Business-What We Can Do
Mechatronic Parts Business-What We Can Do