Hightec Systems is a premier source in selling and buying used parts of semiconductor manufacturing equipment/
liquid crystal manufacturing equipment/used equipment as well as selling ALD equipment.

Buying and selling of used semiconductor / FPD manufacturing equipment

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Hightec Systems' Reuse Business

Completed more than 120 large projects including over 20,000 units of used equipment

Since 1991 when our company was founded to the present, we have been fortunate in amassing a large inventory through our sales records of semiconductors and FPDs. We are confident in our abilities to manage various implementation procedures, from large-scale production lines to manufacturing parts that were produced 30 years ago. Through our reuse business at Hightec Systems, we are proud to offer a wide range of exceptional service,  from fulfilling our customers' needs and matching them with the products they are looking to sell and buy, to guiding them through the implementation process with our advanced expertise.   

Our mission is to provide a platform to match our customers' needs with the product and service they are looking for. 

One of the largest inventories in the world

  • ・More than 200 semiconductor and FPD manufacturing systems in stock at all times

Mechatronic Parts Business

  • ・Over 100,000 FA maintenance parts in stock at all times. 

  • ・PLCs, motors & drivers, power supplies, touch panels, static electricity elimination devices, vacuum pumps, chillers, compressors, and more. 

  • ・Quick delivery, low cost, large volume of discontinued products, wide-ranging product lineup Vacuum pump overhauling.

Wealth of knowledge and experience as well as technical expertise to fulfill our customers' needs

  • ・Achievement:22 LCD production lines in total. 

  • ・Achievement:10 reconstructed touch panel production lines in total. 

  • ・Achievement:17 color filter production lines in total. 

  • ・Achievement:13 semiconductor device production lines in total.

Unwavering passion

  • ・We offer a one-stop export and import service from domestic to overseas and vice versa.

Make the best use of limited resources

We believe that depending on the application, it is possible to manufacture devices by making use of used manufacturing equipment.
Through our business, we are able to offer our customers with the best solution that will match their needs by purchasing used manufacturing equipment from manufacturing companies and combining our expertise.
We hope to continue refining and developing our business by making the best use of our limited resources and contribute to the well-being of our society.